Prefabricated fiberglass tanks (Hyatt Regency Zolotoy Rog)
Execution of works: 2012 year
Characteristics of the object

Address: Vladivostok city
Multi-purpose business hotel complex
(5 stars) Hyatt Regency Zolotoy Rog

Overall volume of tanks — 481.5 m3/h

Object description

Peculiarities: unique technologies of water storage in high reliability fiberglass tanks. Service life reaches up to 50 years prior to full repair.

The tanks are designed for water storage that is used for fire suppression. Fire water tanks are installed for the cases when receipt of necessary amount of water for fire fighting directly from the water-supply source is technically impossible or economically inadvisable.

Installation is carried out from separate panels made of special patented glass reinforced plastics. Panels are made under high pressure by hot molding method.

Perfect hygienic properties, reliability, durability, rapid erection (with the help of bolted assemblies) as well as possibility of dismantling and transportation to new location are only some of advantages of prefabricated glass reinforced plastics tanks.

About company

Construction Company Dalniy Vostok CJSC is a modern, fast growing construction company in the business of industry and civil construction. It’s been around the construction market since 1993.

We construct structures of different purposes, level of complexity with the application of advanced technologies and resources that fully conform with the requirements of local and international standards.

The object of the Company — professional accomplishment of designated missions within the project terms. We always pay individual attention to each customer and we are geared to the use of advanced technologies.

Starting with 2010 Construction Company Dalniy Vostok CJSC is the member of Nonprofit partnership SRO Primorye Constructors’ alliance. All engineering manpower and workers of Construction Company Dalniy Vostok CJSC have occupational health and safety certificates, fire and electrical safety certificates, hoisting mechanisms operation procedures certificates.

Construction Company Dalniy Vostok CJSC have a record of responsible and reliable construction partner. Flexible partner and price policies, careful maintaining of own obligations and terms, meeting of construction budget contribute to it.

We have implemented a great number of complex construction projects.

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  • Ratimir Co., Ltd.
  • Yuzhno-Sakhalinsky Diary factory OJSC
  • Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port OJSC
  • Non-Governmental Educational Institution Driving School ANIK
  • Brothers Group Co., Ltd.
  • Concrete Fuel Station Co., Ltd.
  • Vladstroydom Co., Ltd.
  • VladStroyInvest Co., Ltd.
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