Development of buildings and constructions

CC DV CJSC offers buildings and structures construction services.

The Company diligently applies challenging engineering solutions, reasonable research and technology innovations, cost minimization at the expense of rational utilization of labour forces and mechanisms, and delivery variability of construction materials.

Acting as the contractor, we guarantee high quality of performed works, meeting of deadlines and budget of construction.

Completed projects:

Water power equipment installation

CC DV CJSC carries out professional installation of domestic and foreign water power equipment of various applications. The Company is an exclusive supplier of Fybroc (USA) equipment — world leading manufacturer of pumps operating with different types of corrosive liquids.

Fybroc pumps conform to the highest standards. They are manufactured under such standards as ANSI/ASME, ISO, DIN, JIS. It ensures extremely high reliability and durability of equipment.

On the basis of target specification the specialists of our Company perform appropriate selection of all components of water power equipment and form final quotation.

Completed projects:

Industrial pipelines

CC DV CJSC carries out assembling of industrial water pipelines with the pressure up to 25 kgf/cm2 (up to 2.5 MPa) made of:

  • steel pipes, dia. up to 630 mm;
  • polyethylene pipes, dia. 20–500 mm;
  • copper pipes, dia. 12–54 mm;
  • corrugated corrosion-resistant pipes, dia. 15–63 mm;
  • reinforced-plastic pipes (metapol), dia. 16–63 mm.

Completed projects:

Prefabricated fiberglass tanks installation

CC DV CJSC carries out assembling of products unique for Russian market — Korean prefabricated tanks for water storage with the volume from 1,000 to 5,000 m3 (height from 1 to 5 m).

Tanks are easily erected from separate panels with the help of bolted assemblies. Prefabricated glass reinforced plastics tanks approved themselves in Japan (use in the areas of high earthquake activity), South Korea as well as the Middle East countries (Saudi Arabia, Arab Emirates, etc.) where drinking water is the most valuable, and a lot of attention is paid to the problem of its storage.

Scope of tanks use:

  • fire tanks;
  • pure water (drinking water storage);
  • sea water storage;
  • storage containers;
  • service water storage.

Prefabricated tanks are certified by the GosStandard of Russia (Conformity certificate and Hygiene Certificate confirming possibility of drinking quality water storage).

Construction Company Dalniy Vostok CJSC has completed integration and installation of many prefabricated tanks of different capacity within the territory of Primorsky region, Siberia, Russian Island (Vladivostok city) and the objects built for APEC-2012.

Plumbing systems installation

PTS (package transformer substations)

Construction Company Dalniy Vostok CJSC carries out installation of power equipment.

Our Company is the partner of French company Schneider Electric — the world leader in the sphere of electric power handling.

We develop and implement turn-key projects in close cooperation with Schneider Electric:

  • package proposal for 35/20,10, 6/0,4 kV distribution networks, including dispatch control systems, power facilities control and energy accounting;
  • step-down and step-up substations and main substations;
  • package transformer substations;
  • combined protection, monitoring and control systems for substations and distribution systems;
  • high frequency switching devices, switches, disconnecting devices, transformers, digital devices, and protection, monitoring and control systems.

Construction Company Dalniy Vostok CJSC has completed integration and installation of 6 (six) transformer substations and distribution center for the needs of Primorsky Oceanarium on the Russian Island.

Autowalk travelator

We supply and erect Canadian, American, and Korean escalators and autowalk travellators. All equipment is certified according to the highest quality and safety standards.

Construction Company Dalniy Vostok CJSC has completed integration and installation of autowalk travelator for the needs of Primorsky Oceanarium on the Russian Island.

Completed projects:

Earthwork operations

Construction Company Dalniy Vostok CJSC possesses all machinery necessary for earthwork operations.

Earthwork operations services include:

  • hand and mechanized common excavation and digging;
  • ground transportation and utilization;
  • backfilling;
  • compacting;
  • trenching.
About company

Construction Company Dalniy Vostok CJSC is a modern, fast growing construction company in the business of industry and civil construction. It’s been around the construction market since 1993.

We construct structures of different purposes, level of complexity with the application of advanced technologies and resources that fully conform with the requirements of local and international standards.

The object of the Company — professional accomplishment of designated missions within the project terms. We always pay individual attention to each customer and we are geared to the use of advanced technologies.

Starting with 2010 Construction Company Dalniy Vostok CJSC is the member of Nonprofit partnership SRO Primorye Constructors’ alliance. All engineering manpower and workers of Construction Company Dalniy Vostok CJSC have occupational health and safety certificates, fire and electrical safety certificates, hoisting mechanisms operation procedures certificates.

Construction Company Dalniy Vostok CJSC have a record of responsible and reliable construction partner. Flexible partner and price policies, careful maintaining of own obligations and terms, meeting of construction budget contribute to it.

We have implemented a great number of complex construction projects.

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